About me

I am a concept artist currently working on Elite: Dangerous at Frontier Developments in Cambridgeshire, UK. 

A selection of my artwork both personal and commercial can be seen in the galleries above. Further paintings, sketches and studies can be found on my Artblog and Twitter.

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May 2014-Present
Frontier Developments
Concept artist

Unannounced feature film
Concept artist

CG Scenes: From sketch to finish
Artbook tutorials
Dopress Books

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: Blackbeard: The Captain's Log
Book Illustration 
Insight Editions 

Everybody has Gone to the Rapture (PS4)
Concept artist
The Chinese Room

Moongardens  (Mobile)
Concept artist/ Illustrator

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (PC)
Concept artist
Chinese Room/Frictional Games

Breach and Clear  (PC, multi platform mobile)
Concept artist/Illustrator
Gun Media

January 2010-April 2014
Senior Artist, Inertia Game Studios (PC, Mobile)
Concept art and design, illustration, game design and art direction for a small team developing PC, adventure, point-and-click, casual and mobile games. Involved in the production of seven titles since 2010.


Untitled project (PC)
Concept art and prototype for a new entertainment venture,
Story Mechanics (formerly Digital adaptations)

Dear Esther (PC)
Concept art and hand painted textures
The Chinese Room

Korsakovia (PC)
Concept artist
The Chinese Room

Concept artwork exhibited at IndieCade 2009 in Culver City, Los Angeles. Artwork chosen to represent the indie game Dear Esther, 2009

Artwork Featured In Edge, GamesTM, Wired UK and Imagine FX magazines. Both personal artwork and connected to game projects

Commercial fine art exhibitions, Suffolk, UK. These exhibitions were self motivated, financed, organised and promoted and served as the launchpad for my art career, Pre 2009